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Research &
Experiential Learning

Student Scholar Showcase

Summer 2022: Senior Student Scholars

Grace Cicchinelli smiling at the camera in front of a bright blue sky.
Colleen McKernan
Haylei has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. She is seen here leaning against a tree and smiling.
Profile Picture
This picture was taken for a friend's photography project that focused on storytelling in different cultures.
Tyler Grochot's Firefighter headshot
Zhuoer Li
profile picture
Rosie Gotsch
Profile Picture
Jackson Hamilton
Toky Rakotoarisoa
Isabelle Dolcino headshot
Morgan Cleary
Headshot taken in Lynchburg, VA where I lived this past summer
Profile image of Haille Perkins '22.
Yuchen Liang
Profile Picture
Lizzie O'Keeffe

Summer 2022: Junior Student Scholars

A workout session with Coach Kus, once a T/F coach at SLU,
Camila González H
Profile photo, centered in front of the Student Center.
Me standing in front of Machu Picchu
Grace Bridge - Profile Picture
Profile photo, centered in front of the Student Center.

Summer Research 2021

Image of Frank Wotton IV
Brenda Rubio Estrada
Rae Dunbar
Alexandra Hill
Diamond McAllister
Anuva Anannya

Summer Research 2020: Senior Student Scholars

Sky Ratcliffe
Arman Tavana
Jayden Ladison
Jenesha Robert
Portrait of Bridger Royce
Portrait of Yidi Zhang
Yanru Chen
Krita Walrath
Caroline Krall portrait
Andy Hims
Grace Harkins
Niamh Creedon-Carey portrait
Portrait of Lauren Donohue
Allison Krauss
Noah Neverette
Victoria Oakes
Logan Hagerty
Portrait of Grace Vensel
Shiqi Xie
Ramon Emilio Veras, Jr.
Chloe McConnell
Edward Hallahan
Claire Bartlett
Gretchen Wambach
Yu Song

Summer 2020: Junior Student Scholars

Anuva Anannya
Portrait of Yu Wang
Tina Luchetta
Mabelin De La Rosa
Michael Yirenkyi
Eduardo Puerta portrait
Derek Sherrange
Brenden Bready
Wanjiru (Shiru) Kimani
Iman Maani
Profile image of Haille Perkins '22.
Image of Frank Wotton IV
Aseman Bagheri Sheshdeh

Summer 2020: Sophomores Student Scholars

Autumn Sherman
Chyanne Turner