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Class of 2025
I am a Pre-law, Government major, with minors in Philosophy and Sociology. On campus I am an Admission's Ambassador, Secretary of the Thelomathesian Society, AWARE Trained Advocate, and member of Kappa Delta Sigma Sorority. Additionally, this upcoming spring I'm studying abroad Vienna, Austria.
Summer 2023

During my internship with the New Hampshire Public Defender I worked closely with other investigators, attorneys and their clients. I interviewed witnesses and alleged victims, wrote reports, took photographs, delivered subpoenas to witnesses, and gathered records and documentation essential to the defense. Additionally, I visited incarcerated clients to conduct interviews, obtain signatures for the release of information, and just to check in about their cases.

This internship provided me with lots of insight in the field of private investigation, and insight on criminal law. I learned a lot very quickly about the ins and outs of private investigation in New Hampshire, which was a field I had never considered before. Despite focusing on investigation, my mentor encouraged me to attend trials and conferences with the attorneys to help me gain knowledge of the legal aspect. I still intend to go to law school after graduating, but I am considering taking a year or two off to work as an investigator or legal assistant. If I hadn't completed this internship I would not have seen this as a possibility.

Overall, I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity and the support I received.