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How a Family Deals with an Elusive, Rare Genetic Mutation on the Cusp of the Gene-Reviewing Revolution
Class of 2021
Noah Neverette, '21, is a Neuroscience major and Creative Writing minor. His fellowship in Summer 2020 provided him with the opportunity to combine his interests in science and writing to create an educational story, something he would like to do as a career. He hopes to be able to take...

This is a less conventional alternative to a traditional research paper. It follows a family who has a son suffering from a rare, non-life-threatening genetic disorder during the time that widespread genetic testing was entering the mainstream. Along with explaining and attempting to teach the reader about this complex FOXP2-plus mutation, this paper tells the story of a young man, R, and his life from early childhood to young adulthood. Not being tested for a genetic mutation until he was 16, R and his family suffered through his numerous diagnosed ailments for years with no apparent explanation why. This paper aims to use the knowledge we have now to explain the issues that originally had no answer, as well as see how R is doing now as a young adult.