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QR codes and Step-by-Step Instructional Videos
Class of 2021
Educational Studies
Allison Krauss is a part of the class of 2021. As a senior majoring in biochemistry and with minors in educational studies and mathematics, she hopes to use this project as a stepping stone to getting her masters in Adolescent Education with a chemistry focus, so she can teach high...


Sponsoring Department

Due to the current challenges of the world, learning through videos is a crucial part of class preparation. Educational videos offer students an opportunity to learn in a safe environment. They are unique in their ability to allow students to see something first hand but are accessible from anywhere. The goal of this project is to create a series of organic chemistry lab tutorials. This will allow students to view the videos from home and come into the lab with a better understanding of what they are meant to be doing. The first phase of the project consisted of thoroughly researching chemistry education pedagogy and video production. The research was then compiled into a list of steps on how to properly make an organic chemistry lab instructional video. After creating the list of steps, video production began. A few test videos were created in an attempt to weed out the flaws of the system and refine the methodology behind the production process. Currently, lab videos are being made and given to students for initial feedback. After a video has gone through the entire process, it will then be uploaded onto a private YouTube page. This link will then be made into a QR code, a type of bar code, which will be placed on relevant pieces of lab equipment. QR codes enable the creation of smart objects, which allows students to scan the bar code and be directly connected to their video of interest.