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Class of 2024
I am a junior at St. Lawrence University pursuing a BA majoring in Economics and minoring in Government. A graduate of Xavier High School in New York City. After completing my internship this past summer as a Legal Intern at Recycle Track Systems, I am eager and looking to intern...
Summer 2022

As the Legal Intern at Recycle Track Systems, no two days were ever the same. My responsibilities ranged from writing and reading live contracts to sitting in meeting with clients and other departments at RTS. I was lucky enough to be a part of the biggest project that the company has to date and assisted with the application for the possible client. Every day in the office, I was able to and trusted to make choices and carry them out for the company. Looking back on the experience and the goals that I set at the beginning of the summer, I met and exceeded all of them. The three were: gaining soft skills, developing corporate office experience, and to test my liberal arts education. 

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