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Research Assistant

Class of 2023
Taline Norsigian'23, as a Psychology and Global Public Health major, is interesting in social and environmental justice. Her skills include photography, social media design, researching, and journalism.
Summer 2023

Taline had the opportunity to intern with Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) from their office in Yerevan, Armenia during the summer of 2023. With this privileged, Taline was able to learn how to be flexible, adjust to new environments, initiate collaboration, and develop her research skills. As well, she learned how instrumental team work is to the success of any project. Taline's research on breast cancer screening in Armenia will be used to guide pilot studies between COAF and the Ministry of Health on breast cancer screening. All together, a national guideline on breast cancer screening in Armenia, along with improved infrastructure and coverage of costs, will support Armenia to lower their high breast cancer mortality rates.

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