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Class of 2023
Global Studies
Toky currently pursues a double major in Political Science and International Relations at St. Lawrence University. In Summer 2022 she participated in the Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program in New York City and a Program intern at Network 20/20. In Summer 2021, Toky was an intern at the Economic...
Summer 2022

VBS1Network 20/20’s main goal is to bridge the private sector and foreign policy worlds. The organisation leverages entrepreneurial , established and emerging leaders to drive innovative research and solutions to critical foreign policy exchange. Throughout my internship, I was closely involved in organising and planning some of the main events, such as the Virtual Briefing Series, the Foreign Discussion Groups or the Salon Series. For each of these events organised for Network 20/20’s members, we would bring two to three speakers to discuss a topic relevant to international relation. My responsibility was to assist with making research for the topics and the speakers, prepare back-up questions, draft the roadmap for the conversations, which meant that I had to be well versed in the topic. Due to the nature of Network 20/20, and their innovative approach to international relations, I was pushed to learned about international relations not only in the US but also worldwide, and was very aware of the different events int the world. I was able to make proposals and contribute to various talks focused on different regions, from the Middle East, to Asia, to Latin America. Some of the events include: “The missing Middle: How Middle Powers Are Shaping the New World Order”, “Propaganda and Misinformation in the Digital Age”, “The Wagner Group: Putin’s Army and Russia’s Influence Abroad”; “Three Decades of South Africa: Has South Africa’s Democracy failed?”; “Tunisia: What’s Next after the Referendum?”.


Links to Network 20/20 Virtual Briefing Series:


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