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Class of 2024
Business in the Liberal Arts
Performance and Communication Arts
My name is Fiona Reiner and I am in the class of 2024! I am a Business in the Liberal Arts and a Performance and Communications Arts Major. I am interested in pursuing a career in Public Relations, Digital Communications and Marketing. I am a member of the Varsity Swim...
Summer 2023

In this internship experience at Fuse, I learned a variety of different skills that I will carry with me in future positions. A project that I had worked on that I really enjoyed involved me doing research on finding Tik Tok influencers in the area of Denver, CO. I put together a PowerPoint of potential influencers that I had found that would fit the role of what the company was looking to accomplish. I took into consideration how many likes they got, how many views they had, how often they posted content and if they had done any other videos similar to what we were looking for. After that we had narrowed down the list after the client had reviewed it. I then drafted a pitch to send to the potential influencer, and the client ended up choosing an influencer that I had initially found. In that process I had learned how to communicate with a client, how to pitch something and all of the behind-the-scenes communications. All of this was very beneficial for me to learn as the popularity of social media influencers grow, I can take these skills into future positions.