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Class of 2024
Jack Benjamin '24 is a mathematics major at St. Lawrence University. While at St. Lawrence, Jack has studied abroad in Denmark, is a volunteer at the local humane society, a tutor with the Peterson Quantitative Research Center, and a teaching assistant.
Summer 2023

As social media has become ubiquitous in today's society so too has disinformation, extremism, and political polarization. Is human nature to blame for these challenges to society and democracy, or has social media played a part in exacerbating these issues? In this research paper, the goal was to outline how social media content moderation creates echo chambers, incentivizes the spread of disinformation, facilitates political polarization, and pushes the collective United States toward extremism. Moreover, the paper introduces a three-part solution to current content moderation algorithms. The Triangle of Digital Moderation includes Moderate Moderation, Open-Source Humanity, and Counter-Influence. 

North America