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Making Sustainable Fashion the First Choice

Class of 2024
Performance and Communication Arts
My name is Liya and I am from Kazakhstan, a former-soviet country; therefore, my first language is Russian. Other than my own home country, I lived in Malaysia and Singapore which is how I learned English. Learning English changed my life a lot because it had an impact on my...
Summer 2023

Encouraging a zero-waste framework in the fashion industry by reinventing thrifting as it exists. Looking at the problem of fast fashion from a business perspective and reinventing a sector of sustainable fashion to make sustainable clothing the preferred choice for the shopper. Empowering the shopper to feel their best in their custom fit and designed clothing.

Did you know that the world produces 92 million tons of fabric waste annually with the United States (17 mil.) and China (20 mil.) producing the most?* This is why it is important to encourage everyone to reuse and repurpose instead of making new clothing. Making thrifting a luxurious, pleasant, and efficient experience would make a big difference for the world, the fashion craftsmen, and the customers.


*Citation of statistic:

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