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Class of 2025
Art and Art History
Performance and Communication Arts
Carmiña Goya (25') from Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina is pursuing a major in Studio Art, accompanied by a minor in Performance and Communication Arts. Her chosen field of study revolves around the art of printmaking, specifically focusing on linocut, woodcuts, drypoints, and screenprinting. In the future, Carmiña intends to return to...
Summer 2023

During the summer of 2023, I took part in an internship located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires at the School of Art and Heritage of the National University of San Martin. Here, I worked alongside Silvia Dolinko to visit the San Martin Prison Complex and the University of San Martin's headquarters within the prison to facilitate a printmaking workshop for the inmates. Moreover, I was able to help organize and execute the International Conferences: Histories of Artistic Training in Latin America (XX-XXI centuries), and visit numerous printmaking studios and workshops, museums and exclusive exhibitions. This internship has helped me perfect my independence as an artist, learn a lot about printmaking in South America, make meaningful connections with the artistic and academic scene in Argentina and develop my workplace skills in my native language.

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