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Established in 1982 by Vivien Gardner Hannon '43, this fund supports the University's program of career awareness, particularly among first-year and sophomore students and women students. The fund was established in memory of Vivien's father, George L. Gardner, and his wife, Alliene.

School of Art and Heritage Intern - National University of San Martín


During the summer of 2023, I took part in an internship located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires at the School of Art and Heritage of the National University of San Martin. Here, I worked alongside Silvia Dolinko to visit the San Martin Prison Complex and the University of San Martin's headquarters within the prison to facilitate a printmaking workshop for the inmates.

Beyond Boundaries: Impacting Lives through Social Work & Education Sponsorship at Neema International


I recently completed my Internship Fellowship at Neema International. This remarkable organization is unwavering in its commitment to nurturing Tanzania’s promising youth through grassroots education initiatives, emphasizing creative learning and fostering community engagement. Over the course of an immersive 8 weeks, I had the privilege to partake in a multifaceted role. From conducting heartfelt home visits to providing essential emotional counseling to older children, my involvement was deeply meaningful.

Training Production Line Engineer - Abr Al-Sharq For Petroleum Services LLC


During my time working as a production line Engineer, I enjoyed the interpersonal connections and the hands-on style of work. For this reason,  I plan to direct my career into more practical directions, such as experimental physics and Chemistry. Furthermore, during this internship, I gained a lot of experience with chemical applications and I hope to use that knowledge in future jobs. I plan to use that knowledge to finish a degree in physics, followed by a PhD MD, which aligns with my interests, skills, knowledge, and work orientation.

Executive Intern


At Northwestern Mutual, I was given a fabulous chance to connect with people, expand my network, and grow as a leader in pursuit of abundant opportunities including marketing, sales, and SMM. The summer I spent at the company not only just helped me to grow professionally but empowered me personally.

Researcher/ Lab Supervisor


In this internship, Nick continued to study the effects of spontaneous metamorphosis on Xenopus Laevis thymus glands. In addition, he and his colleagues studied the morphological changes caused by thyroid hormone and dexamethasone, a glucocorticoid. Some of these changes include tail length, brain width, gill resorption, etc. This study was conducted across different developmental stages including pre-metamorphosis, metamorphosis, and post-metamorphosis.