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Class of 2022
Film and Representation Studies
I am a graduate of the class of 2022. I majored in English and minored in Film and Representation Studies. Born in the Far East of Russia, I came to St. Lawrence to follow my dreams and pursue my interest in the field of film and media. During my journey...
Summer 2022

At Northwestern Mutual, I was given a fabulous chance to connect with people, expand my network, and grow as a leader in pursuit of abundant opportunities including marketing, sales, and SMM. The summer I spent at the company not only just helped me to grow professionally but empowered me personally. I went through a challenging time, which sadly cascaded politically after the events we are all aware of, but with the help of donors, mentors, and experts at the center of career excellence - our SLU family to summarize - it all gave a hand in that challenge and made me remember one more time that we all face struggles but what matters is that we don't have to face them alone.