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Class of 2023
Business in the Liberal Arts
Performance and Communication Arts
My name is Caitlin French and I am a senior at St. Lawrence University. I am studying Business in the Liberal Arts and Communications. I am interested in pursuing a career in marketing or public relations after graduation. I am passionate about using creative strategy to promote companies and organizations...
Summer 2022

Before my public relations internship began, my main goals for the summer included: 

  • Learning how to write press releases for clients.
  • Learning how to participate in and contribute to an in-person, professional work setting. (My only other internship experience was remote!)
  • Learning how to secure media coverage for local and national businesses and non-profits.

After completing my internship at Junapr, I have learned how to write pitches and press releases, and even was able to send this work to real local and national media outlets and journalists as a member of the Junapr team. I also learned how to generate media lists using MuckRack PR software, identify trends and client news mentions in Critical Mention software, and schedule social media posts for clients in Sprout Social software. I designed several social media assets and wrote social copy that were posted on client accounts. I was also able to sit in on client meetings, and eventually even meet with clients on my own! 

Not only did I expand my skillset professionally, but I was also able to form incredible relationships with the Junapr team. Working in-person allowed me to connect with my teammates in a more personal and meaningful way. My supervisor, director and fellow team members all supported my work and encouraged me to try any and everything related to public relations! I am so grateful to have had this experience before my senior year at St. Lawrence, and I can't wait for the next time I get to visit the Junapr office!