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Intern at AEC college in Beirut, Lebanon.

Class of 2025
My name is Karni Keushgerian '25. I use they/them pronouns and am an international student from Beirut, Lebanon. Although my major is undeclared, I am on the track to majoring in Global Studies with a concentration and a minor in education. I was born and raised in the Armenian community...
Summer 2022

During this internship, I had the opportunity to be involved in working with school management and student life. For school management, I was given tasks such as translating certain documents from Western Armenian to English as well as working on ways in which to improve certain administrative processes such as teacher evaluations, grade organization/digitization, communication with guardians, and student/teacher relationships. 

For student life, I was involved in putting together interactive workshops aimed at developing the student body's critical thinking regarding their role and presence in their school community as well as society as a whole. The biggest project I worked on was the 3-day long workshop series covering sub-topics related to personal identity, social identity, and acquiring skills. 

Since I am Lebanese/Armenian, the internship was done in Beirut, Lebanon.
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