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Class of 2025
Titilayo Aluko is a First-Generation student from New York City majoring in Government and minoring in education. She is passionate about social justice and changing institutional policy to be more diverse and inclusive. She is also an Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program scholar. Titilayo's goal is to pursue...
Summer 2022

This summer, I had the great honor of interning with Justice Eddie McShan. This was a phenomenal experience that allowed me to grasp what the day-to-day is life working in chambers. I interacted with several Judges, court attorneys, and clerks, who were very generous in making time to talk with me. In this role, I developed various skills such as professionalism, reading cases, writing briefs, researching case law, and writing a memo.  Through this position, I was privileged to spend much time talking with the Judge about different policies and asking questions regarding the laws within the legal system. Getting this first-hand narrative allowed me to understand why the legal system operates the way it does and the factors that enable this to continue. In addition, I grew my network of people I can connect with in different fields of the legal profession. 

While in this role, I was also granted the opportunity through the Judge to assist an attorney who operates an organization for a Judge called the Scale of Justice Academy. This program exposed underserved young high school women to the skills necessary to succeed in life and, should their interest continue, in law school. I worked alongside the attorney going on trips to Manhattan civil court, where the girls could see a court case, and several trips to pace law, where they listened to lectures from guest speakers who introduced them to different fields and professionals. Mentoring these young women meant so much to me because it allowed me to connect and relate with them on a personal level. It also gave them hope that they too can aspire and achieve whatever they set their mind to.