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Class of 2025
My name is Tenzin Yarphel and I am a Tibetan from the Tibetan refugee community in India. Originally from Dharamsala, I left home at the age of 12 to pursue my education at Tibetan Children's Village boarding school in Selakui,Dehradun, India. Later I got to attend the Mahindra United World...
Summer 2023

I did my summer internship going into my junior year at Ridgetop Research LLC. Ridgetop Research is an expert network firm that specializes in producing the best primary research knowledge out there. I worked directly under St. Lawrence alumnus Jeep Post '98 and participated in around 20+ projects during my stay there. 

There were projects ranging from grocery shop investments to battery producers. My job as an intern was to understand the clients demands, research into the industries and recruit experts of the industry for the projects utilizing tools like ZoomInfo, ContactOut and LinkedIn. I had to sell our services to the consultants I was reaching out to and I needed to have a good sales pitch for that. That did not come easy and it took me some time to get comfortable talking on the phone and recruiting people, but it all worked out in the end. 

Overall, it has been a pleasure to work at Ridgetop Research. I made a lot of new friends, met some great people and really learned a lot. I want to thank my colleagues at Ridgetop Research and the Center for Career Excellence for this opportunity and I cannot wait to get back and share my experiences. 

New York City Office
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New York City Office
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