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Class of 2024
Arabic Studies
Francophone Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies
I am a current Senior at St. Lawrence. I have always had a strong love for learning and academia, and utilize opportunities like my most recent projects to learn as much as possible about a topic that relates to my studies and what I hope to do in the future...
Summer 2023

I was graced with the opportunity to participate in an internship with Weave News this past summer working under editorial staff to assist in daily tasks and larger projects that needed to be tended to. I spent a significant amount of time working to catalogue past published works from authors and contributors to the network, and continued to develop organizational structure in what we called "the archive" of published pieces- podcasts, articles, interviews, etc. with which I spent the majority of my time, but tended to other projects as needed. 

I am happy to say that my work still continues with Weave News, but part-time during the semester as time allows, in order to assist in other editorial and media tasks, such as outreach and development, and social media curating, similar to the work I have done in the past at St. Lawrence for the Language Resource Center. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work diligently and without the stress of additional monetary concerns with the help of the fellowship for interns through the Center for Career Excellence, and could devote my time to an organization that I very much enjoyed working with, and learning about. While I worked remotely, I found that meeting over zoom was just as possible than attending in person, and I was given the freedom and the responsibility to work at my own pace, which demanded time-management and careful organization of my tasks. Through Weave News, I learned a lot about myself, and the processes of an online news source, through the inter-workings of a grassroots organization, and through authoring an article of my own. 

I very much enjoyed my experience working as a full-time intern for Weave News and would highly suggest considering working with the organization or learn more about grassroots journalism through their website, It's intention to share and spread information from the source truly makes it accessible to everyone who wishes to learn, understand, and comprehend what is occurring around the world in which we live.