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Canton, NY

Editorial Assistant - Weave News


I was graced with the opportunity to participate in an internship with Weave News this past summer working under editorial staff to assist in daily tasks and larger projects that needed to be tended to. I spent a significant amount of time working to catalogue past published works from authors and contributors to the network, and continued to develop organizational structure in what we called "the archive" of published pieces- podcasts, articles, interviews, etc. with which I spent the majority of my time, but tended to other projects as needed. 

Outreach Coordinator Internship


This summer I interned at Weave News where I worked as their outreach coordinator. My main responsibilities were leading the development of organizational partnerships; re-formatting and organizing content from the Weave News Archive; developing strategies for promoting published content; producing and sending out the Weave-Notes newsletter; and serving as the primary contact person for all external correspondence related to Weave News.  

Social Media and Digital Content Internship


As the digital communications intern with the Weave News Communications team, I worked alongside an incredible team to achieve the organization's summer goals. Within the communications team, we were able to gage what promotes audiences' interactions with Weave social media content and developed ways to enhance that engagement. As for me, I created a new social media series that will be published biweekly beginning of this year.