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My name is Camila and I'm from a small city in south-central Colombia called Neiva. I speak Spanish, English, and I’m in the process of becoming fluent in French. Though I’m from a small place, I always dreamed big. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t like it...
Summer 2022

This summer I interned at Weave News where I worked as their outreach coordinator. My main responsibilities were leading the development of organizational partnerships; re-formatting and organizing content from the Weave News Archive; developing strategies for promoting published content; producing and sending out the Weave-Notes newsletter; and serving as the primary contact person for all external correspondence related to Weave News.  

Throughout the 8 weeks, I worked for Weave I initiated, developed, and finished three main projects:  

  • Partnerships: considering Weave News’ goals and values, I researched organizations that would be a good fit to partner with. I created a concrete list of organizations that stated key information about them and the potential ways in which Weave News could partner with them. Finally, I initiated communication to achieve such partnerships.  

  • Newsletters: there were two types of Newsletters I created and sent out. First, the regular Newsletter that provides updates about the organization to the readers. I collected the information from co-workers and created an appropriate and easy-to-read format. The second one was based on an already existing series called “Thinking Tuesday.” My goal was to re-use the information of the series and reformat it into a newsletter in order to expand the reach of the content.  

  • Archive: with a co-worker, we read through, organized, and re-formatted Weave News’ 15 years-old archive. While looking over the content, we brainstormed ways through which we could re-use and expand the reach of the content.  

Additionally, while working at Weave News, I had the opportunity to participate in the Allied Media Conference (AMC), an event that focused on exploring media for liberation and visionary organizing through art, technology, education, and media. At the AMC, I further learned about the non-profit field, listened to other organizations’ work, and initiated partnerships.  

Overall, this internship was an incredible learning opportunity, I challenged myself, gained professional experience and insight into the non-profit industry, and developed various skills that I am sure will be useful for future internships and jobs.