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Class of 2024
Performance and Communication Arts
Film and Representation Studies
Kam Omari '24 is an international student from Beirut, Lebanon. Kam is dedicated to the representative power of the performing arts, especially outside the theatre. Kam's artistic efforts often include advocacy for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, racial minorities, and refugees. They hope to become a drama therapist and...
Summer 2022

As the digital communications intern with the Weave News Communications team, I worked alongside an incredible team to achieve the organization's summer goals. Within the communications team, we were able to gage what promotes audiences' interactions with Weave social media content and developed ways to enhance that engagement. As for me, I created a new social media series that will be published biweekly beginning of this year. The series, titled "Spotlight Saturdays" introduces an individual or group that has had a significant positive impact on their community but is underrepresented in mainstream media. From this opportunity, I have learned how to appropriately represent individuals, operate and produce engaging digital media content across social media platforms, and work in an international workforce that is completely remote.