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Class of 2025
I am a junior at St. Lawrence University, majoring in government with a minor in philosophy. This past summer, I interned in the U.S. Senate on Capitol Hill. While I am interested in pursuing a career more focused on foreign relations, this amazing opportunity provided me with vital inside knowledge...
Summer 2023

This internship provided an amazing opportunity for experiential learning, networking opportunities, and personal and professional growth. As a legislative intern in the U.S. Senate working on Capitol Hill, I got the chance to lead Capitol tours, work New Hampshire events, correspond with New Hampshire constituents, oversee social media platforms, and assist with legislative projects. I also got to draft memos, constituent letters, and press releases. Finally, I had the chance to attend congressional lectures, hearings, and briefings.

This opportunity provided me with an inside understanding of the U.S. Congress and its legislative processes. It also allowed me the chance to meet and network with so many amazing people and some of our nation's and world's leaders. This experience was truly an opportunity of a lifetime, and I will carry everything I learned with me in all of my future pursuits!

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