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Azo-dye Degradation with Electrochemical Methods
Class of 2021

Shiqi Xie,'21, is majoring in chemistry. She is interested in environmental chemistry and public health. She wishes to work on the azo-dye degradation of wastewater treatment with electrochemical methods due to the inspiration of water pollution issues in her hometown. She will continue with azo-dye degradation during her senior year studies, and design catalysts to increase the degradation efficiency. She plans to apply for a graduate school of environmental chemistry and work on urgent environmental issues as her career goals.


The reviewed mechanism, kinetics, and thermodynamics of proton-coupled electron transfer reactions work as the basis for electrochemical degradation of azo-dye. Cyclic voltammetry is applied for the electrochemical studies of this project. A review of metal-organic frameworks and their synthetic routes helps to design better catalysts work for degradation reaction.