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Class of 2024
Sports Studies and Exercise Science
Anna Wilkerson '24 is a Sociology major, Sports Studies & Exercise Science minor. On campus, she is a student trainer and a volunteer for the L.I.G.H.T. House - a theme house. In summer 2023, Anna conducted research about education inequalities in the medical field in collaboration with a research team...
Summer 2023

The topic of my research is abroad experiences effects on education inequality for pre-health students. This project consists of analyzing pre-health and especially pre-med student’s experiences of participating in a pre-health environment abroad. My research questions are how do health-related international programs and/or lab courses benefit pre-health professions students? And, due to access problems, how do these programs perpetuate inequality in the medical system? For this research, my thesis is that due to inequalities in who can participate, students from more privileged backgrounds are much more likely to participate in these programs. So far for this research, I spent four weeks abroad as part of Alanna’s small team, conducting interviews and observations in Denmark and Sweden. Then I spent four weeks in the US organizing and analyzing the data we compiled. This will lay the foundation for a future conference presentation and SYE project. To support this project I have received an SLU Fellowship as well as a small grant from the SLU Dean’s Office.