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Class of 2021
Global Studies
Public Health
Makenna Burr, '21, is a biology major, with research interests in herpetology and ecology. After completing her summer of 2020 research project, she has begun an SYE with Professor Hoffmann looking into the learning abiliites of native versus invaisive treefrog species. Makenna is planning on continuing with her research interests...


Sponsoring Department:

Amphibians are in a state of global decline due to numerous factors, such as habitat loss, climate change, and emerging diseases. The New York State Herpetology Atlas has been conducting a project since the early 1990s in order to document the amphibians and non-avian reptiles from this region and comparing the results of past years to new studies conducted today. Using fieldwork methods such as dip-netting and covered object studies, data was compiled from an 80-acre survey site in the Forestport, New York area to better document and understand the species present in this area for the summer of 2020. This data will be a great resource for the Atlas moving forward in learning more about the species found in this area for this time period as well as how to protect these species moving forward.