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Class of 2022
Yu Wang is one of the SLU 2022 students. She majors in math and stats and interested in data analysis. The project conducted in summer 2020 by her gave her a great chance of learning more strategies for manipulating and analyzing data. Data analyst is her dream job. The project...



The problem with “Tweets” is that sometimes it is unclear whether the words are actually what writers want to express. For example, a person called Anna K tweeted: On plus side look at the sky last night it was ablaze. The word “ABLAZE” here does not really mean “on fire.” It metaphorically suggests that the sky is so bright as if it is on fire, but it is certainly not a real disaster. Humans can easily identify the real meaning of this tweet. Our goal is to build a statistical model to allow a computer to predict if a Tweet is about an emergency. It is a meaningful and quite useful project since it will help agencies using Twitter to learn about disasters more quickly and efficiently.