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Class of 2023
Art and Art History
Abby is part of the class of '23 at St. Lawrence University. She is a captain of club rugby, the president of the scuba diving club, and a lover of the outdoors. She wanted to be working in the outdoors no matter what she did beyond school, so she took...
Summer 2022

I went to a small, remote village in the mountains of Eastern Peru called Ampas. Here I was part of a team of 12 other students and 7 professors, all working to excavate the remains of two different groups of people that were in the area about 2,200 to 1,600 years ago. We worked in the field for 2 weeks and in the lab for one. We focused on a known burial site that was discovered by a professor of Tulane and my field school director, Dr. Bebel Ibarra. We focused on excavating and rebuilding tombs. We collected over 400 pieces of bone, as well as some lithics and hundreds of pottery sherds. These materials were then transported to our lab, in a larger town 45 minutes from the site, where we cleaned, examined, and documented all of them. It was a total of 160 hrs of lab and field work, working with PhD students, graduate students, undergrads and town locals. It was an incredible learning and cultural experience.