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Class of 2022
Business in the Liberal Arts
My name is Tyler Grochot and I am a senior at St. Lawrence University. I am an extremely curious individual and love entrepreneurship, firefighting, music and yoga. At SLU I was a varsity football player and played quarterback. I recently just completed an internship in project management and loved it.
Summer 2022

I was a project manager during my internship and I oversaw the intern project for Sebago Clean Waters in which we delivered three final deliverables. We delivered a PowerPoint presentation template to pitch new business, a story-telling tool, and an influencer deck on how to leverage social media through the use of influencers. In addition to that, we delivered billboard concepts as well as new activation ideas. In overseeing these projects I created timelines, and budgets, and scheduled and facilitated meetings as well as check-ins with our team to ensure work was getting done and timelines we're being met. During this experience, I really honed in on my strengths and figured out how to oversee and productively pester employees to get tasks completed which will help me in future roles.