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Class of 2021
Computer Science
Yu Song '21 majors in computer science and statistics and is from China. She is interested in artificial intelligence and data analysis. This project gave her a good chance to know more about deep learning, one of the branch in machine learning of AI. She believes that this project provides...

This project is to create computer generated music and to make comparisons between the two deep learning models. One is the LSTM (long short term memory) model and the other is the MuseGAN (generative adversarial network) model. MIDI and npz are two forms that are used in each model for datasets. MIDI is a form which people use to process music with programming because it can be easily read by computers. Npz files are able to group numbers into arrays, then save them in the files. It is a form made by numpy package in Python. After finishing building up structures of the two models and generating some samples, loss graphs are used to determine whether a model is improving or not.