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The Dissemination of News and a Channel for Activism
Class of 2022
Global Studies

Iman Maani, ’22, majors in Global Studies and Sociology and has an interest in multimedia reporting, with a focus in social justice. She is currently working for Weave News as a Digital Communications Coordinator and has a background in social media management, podcasting, and journalism. She is hoping to pursue a career in the investigation and reporting of underreported stories. After conducting research this summer on the field of journalism, she is currently interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Sociology.


The creation of innovative digital social networks and platforms has transformed how information is disseminated for online users. The following paper is comprised of a literature review that examines the relationship between Twitter and journalism, democracy, disinformation and citizen journalism. The sections in the literature review aims to provide a framework in understanding the significance of using Twitter and the theoretical framework revolving around it. The paper also includes an outline of a proposed social media strategy for Weave News, a grassroots media organization of journalists and activists. The proposals shed light towards the ways in which Weave News can effectively use Twitter. With organizations becoming more reliant on social media to connect with their followers and to increase awareness over their brands, the following paper ultimately aims to explain the complexity behind using the social media platform of Twitter.