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Class of 2025
YEYUXI YI is a member of the class of 2025, majoring in Mathematics. During the summer of 2022, he completed a Summer Internship fellowship and worked in Recycle Track Systems as a pricing Intern for 8 weeks. YI is interested in Quantitative Modelling and Financial engineering. He wants to continue...
Summer 2022

My work in RTS during the summer of 2022 is constructed by two parts. One part is daily pricing items. Every morning when I opened my inbox, I would see a list of items that were waiting for me to be priced. Another part is the projects my managers gave me. Some were simple, but some were designed to challenge me and sharpen my professional skill. Below is listed my major achievement during summer 2022:

  • Constructed hauler pricing model to predict future price based on historical data. The deviation percentage of predicted price is within 20% of actual by conducting multi nonlinear regression analysis in Excel.
  • Built a scenario analysis table to assist manager to make decision whether it is beneficial to suggest customers to install monitor using Excel.
  • Collected and analyzed client reports and improved templates for monthly financial report, delivering formal presentation to CFO on pricing team work progress and performance.
  • Priced recurring service and worked closely with sale and operation side to secure 25% gross profit margin in New York City.
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