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Biophysics unit in the University of Barcelona - Clinic hospital

Class of 2024
I am an international student from Barcelona, Spain. I am 21 years old and I am completing the 3+2 engineering combined program with St. Lawrence University and Dartmouth University. I am studying Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering. I have been a ski racer since I was 7 years old and I...
Summer 2023

During this summer internship I studied cancerous fibroblasts to find differences in their cytoskeletons as opposed to healthy cells. To study the cells, we had two ways, either with glass or with hydrogels. Hydrogels resemble the better lung structure, so the results would be more accurate. I learned how to make hydrogels from scratch, transforming small pieces of pig lung into cell powder. I cultivated cells to make them grow and we created several immunofluorescences to later study these cells under a confocal microscope to see the different cytoskeleton tissues of the cell, such as actin and myosin filaments. We found results for the cells on glass, and there's a paper being written at the moment about it. This experiment has been going on for months and the processes are very slow, so when I finished the internship there was still some more months left of investigation to see the cell structures on hydrogels.  

I worked in a Biophysics research unit in the University of Barcelona, which is attached to the Clinic hospital, the most important public hospital in Barcelona.
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