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A photojournalistic approach to increasing accesibility of Arabic Language and Culture for St. Lawrence University students

Class of 2024
Arabic Studies
Francophone Studies
Gender and Sexuality Studies
I am a current Senior at St. Lawrence. I have always had a strong love for learning and academia, and utilize opportunities like my most recent projects to learn as much as possible about a topic that relates to my studies and what I hope to do in the future...
Summer 2022

With the funds I received from St. Lawrence this past summer, I was able to support myself as I completed an independent research project throughout the country of Jordan, while I resided in Amman. As a Multi-Language major, I have had the opportunity to learn some of the Arabic language at St. Lawrence, and I found myself drawn to the culture and region, so I wanted to learn more, and I wanted it to be accessible, so through different sources of grant funding, I was able to create an Interactive Map of Jordan, citing places of historical, cultural, or architectural significance with photographical representation alongside written components for additional detail. This was completed under the supervision of Gisele El Khoury, Director of the Language Resource Center and Arabic Instructor here at St. Lawrence. 

Not only was I able to complete this project, but I was also able to increase my proficiency in the Arabic Language, work on crucial time management skills that accompany larger projects and work in academia, and utilize the language skills I had to navigate through a place I was relatively unfamiliar with. Completing a project while physically being in the region that I have spent so much time studying really expanded my interest in the topics and the continued education this specialty has to offer. The more I spend working with topics centered around the Arabic Language and the Middle East, I understand more that this is something I want to continue to pursue after completing my studies at St. Lawrence, and I am thankful for the continued opportunities I have to be able to focus my time on my research as an extension of my studies in the classroom.