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Class of 2023
Environmental Studies – Sociology
Haylei Coolican is a member of the St. Lawrence Class of 2023. She is studying for a combined major in Environmental Studies and Sociology with a minor in Philosophy, with the hopes of one day becoming an advocate for underserved and immigrant communities around the world. Haylei believes that many...
Summer 2022

Haylei spent her summer living near Copenhagen, Denmark, where she interned with Jesper L. Services in the development of a bike café with the partnership of a local sustainable farm. The farm lies along a popular bike route from Berlin, Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark, in an area where there are few places to stop and rest. Haylei learned about what it takes to create and market not just a business, but a business built on sustainability and ethical practices. In addition, she gained experience in customer relations and research. Haylei found it particularly interesting to observe the habits of those who stopped at the café, and often found herself receiving great insight from customers on how to make improvements to the business to attract more customers. She had a great experience working in a new culture and can't wait to see how much the café grows in years to come.

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