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Class of 2023
International Economics – Multi–Language
I graduated with the Class 2023 with a double major in Political Science and International Economics combined with Multi-languages (French and Spanish) Studies at St. Lawrence University. I am interested in the roles of policy-making, data science, and international economics. My foreign studies career started in 2017, as I was...
Summer 2022

During the summer of 2022, I worked as a Public Relations Intern at AGEXPORT in their Alliances for Cooperation Department. AGEXPORT is an association that brings together exporters to increase interdependence and provide a medium for healthy and efficient cooperation. As an intern, I specialize my work on profile research for future alliances and partner policy recommendations. I work around the policy topics of economic sustainability, women in the labor market focusing on Latin America, and sustainable agriculture for Guatemalan crops. My team provides me with first-hand information about current policy issues in Central America and the necessity for the region to cooperate. Due to the size of the Central American area, a clear path for alliances and interdependence is necessary. Agexport is a significant contributor to the cause. 

Throughout my internship, I improved my writing, research, and digital skills, which helped me present my research and policy recommendations. Additionally, working with a department and a team helped me develop interpersonal skills and gain first-hand experience of the interactions workers have within the office. After graduating, I want to build my career as a research assistant for the economic department in the United States, which I think the experience with AGEXPORT contributed to making achievable. I am happy to share my experience and thank the Internship Fellowship for supporting me throughout the process. 

Central America