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Class of 2022
Siyuan (Tom) Zhang is a member of the Class of '22. He majors in Statistics and Computer Science and is passionate about data analysis and programming. In his free time, Tom loves to build web applications, and he is obsessed with anything related to data; that is why he participated...



Clash Royale is a real-time strategy video game that allows two players to “battle” with their decks—a combination of eight cards, each associated with a level that can be increased through upgrades. Our goal was to investigate the most effective card-upgrade strategy across different decks while also taking into account the in-game currency required for upgrades. The primary approach was to build a linear regression model that uses card-level combinations to predict trophies (an in-game ranking of a player’s ability) and adjust our predictions based on 5 quantiles of residuals within small trophy ranges. The final product of our research is a Shiny app, with its two main features being deck comparison and upgrade route. In particular, the user will be able to build two decks, compare their trophies predicted by our model, and visualize the optimized upgrade route for Deck 1. We believe that our research will be a useful addition to the Clash Royale community—by helping free-to-play players progress in a timely fashion and making the game more enjoyable to play for competitive players. Here is the URL for the Shiny app: