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Personal Property Unit

Class of 2024
African Studies
John Reece, Class of 2024, born in Washington D.C raised in Sudbury, Massachusetts. He majors in Government with a minor in African Studies. With his major in Government, John has developed a passion for the topics of law and counter-terrorism, leading to his time interning for the United States Marshals...
Summer 2023

I was an intern within the Asset Forfeiture Division of the United States Marshals Service, which oversees the nearly $5.5 billion Asset Forfeiture Fund. As a member of the Personal Property Unit, we were primarily responsible for the seizure, management, and liquidation of criminal assets. The overriding goal of the program is to ensure financial restitution for victims, funding of Department of Justice initiatives, and denying criminals of their ill gotten gains.

As a member of the Personal Property Unit, my primary responsibilities was the certification of assets for internal review, pre-audit checks, policy and memo writing, and invoice tracking. Pre-audit checks and certification required constant communication with USMS District contacts that ranged from Guam to Puerto Rico. This process improved my ability to communicate effectively and professionally, helping my writing and directions to become concise and clear. My writing ability also improved through the drafting of professional memos sent across the agency, and the writing of policy procedures meant to instruct the districts.

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