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A Data Science Approach to Analyzing the Harry Potter series

Class of 2024
Data Science
Francophone Studies
Grace Bridge '24 is from Syracuse, New York, and is double majoring in Data Science and Francophone Studies. On campus, Grace is a member of the women's soccer team, an admissions ambassador, and an employee at the athletic center. As a Clare Boothe Luce scholar for the summer of 2022...

The research conducted for "You're a [Data] Wizard, Harry!" was done through the program of R. Through R, we started with text mining and cleaning of the first Harry Potter film script. From this script and data, we conducted many sentiment analyses for the course of the film and for each individual character. We then applied the sentiment analyses to networks, working to understand the sentiment of dialogue interactions and relationships. Through these analyses, we were able to see the overall connotations for each relationship's dialogue in the first film specifically. This project was a great way to learn about and explore text mining, data cleaning, sentiment analysis, and the possible applications of data science in unconventional ways.