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Class of 2024
Environmental Studies – Sociology
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Valeria Obregon ’24, is an international student from Tijuana, México. She is majoring in environmental studies and sociology and minoring in gender studies. With that being said, she is highly interested in the role she can play to solve current problems. During her time in St. Lawrence University she has...
Summer 2022

As an intern at the Tijuana River Estuarine Research Reserve, I immensely enjoyed my experience. It was a fantastic opportunity to work in the Coastal Training Department. I had the chance to experience the challenges of working in a binational watershed, especially between two countries that have such a noticeable contrast as the USA and Mexico. Mainly I was involved in the planning and logistics of the Tijuana River Action Month (TRAM) that happens every year. TRAM consists of a series of events that take place in San Diego and Tijuana, where environmental organizations and entities on both sides of the border raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our local bodies of water. I had the opportunity to learn how the planning takes place and present my own ideas, such as an event website that will now be included as part of TRAM. Finally, I had the opportunity to visit the areas where they are working in Mexico and the USA and compare their differences. It was an enriching experience that confirmed that I want to pursue a career in the non-profit world, especially in such an interesting and complex area as the binational watershed in the San Diego/Tijuana region. 

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