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Class of 2023
My name is Chris Davis and I was born in England and moved to the United States when I was 11. With growing up in England came the obsession with Liverpool FC, my favorite team. I will be a second semester senior, completing my degree in Government by attending the...
Summer 2023

I spent my summer as an Intern at Rolling Grocer 19, one of the first non-profit grocery stores of its kind. Tucked away from the bustling Warren St. in Hudson N.Y, I was able to contribute to the cause of providing food at a reasonable price in a food insecure area thanks to the generous unpaid internship fellowship that St. Lawrence offers. This internship opened my eyes to the incredible and selfless work that goes behind helping a community, as well as feeling far more connected with my locality, in terms of food and the people. I was able to achieve all the goals that I set out when I started of simply gaining professional experience as well as being open to the mission of the Rolling Grocer and embracing it to the fullest extent.

I am so grateful for the summer that I had and for everyone at the Rolling Grocer for making me feel welcome. It is an amazing cause with awesome people and I can't wait to see and perhaps be part of what they achieve in the future. I would like to thank Rachel Schneider, the director of the Rolling Grocer, for giving me the opportunity, as well as the Stewart’s Shops and Dake Family Internship Fellowship Fund for making this summer possible.

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