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Class of 2023
Educational Studies
Paige Meshcon is a part of the class of 2023 and is double majoring in English and Psychology, with an Education minor. Her research combines all her areas of study, as she explores both the subject area of English and the psychological developments students experience during high school. After graduating...

Teachers are the backbone of the education system. Not only do they teach students the factual information related to their subject area, but, more importantly, they also teach students the essential life skills that they will use to work with others, solve problems, and remain motivated and engaged life-long learners. Given their direct impact on students, it is important that every teacher enter the profession with a clear idea of their values as an educator. As an aspiring high school English teacher, this research project explores and develops the values I will uphold in my classroom. These values include developmental psychology, reading, and social and emotional learning.

Project Materials

This document describes in depth the areas of education that I value and will incorporate into my classroom, namely developmental psychology, reading, and social and emotional learning.