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Can We Ethically Commodify Land?
Class of 2021
African Studies
Outdoor Studies
Edward "Ned" Hallahan is in the class of 2021. He's a philosophy major who is hoping to go to pursue a P.H.D in philosophy. At SLU he's done the Adirondack Semester and studied abroad in Kenya. He's done another research project collecting oral histories of Adirondack artists. He's also worked...

This paper is about how primarily focusing on wilderness categorization may be a bad thing for environmentalism. Essentially, the paper links the history of capitalism, to the history of wilderness and explores how arguments for wilderness preservation seem to actually contradict many environmentalist goals. If you choose to read the document provided realize that it is a working draft. I'm using this paper as the basis of a grad school writing sample and it will go through major revisions in the coming months. Still, I hope you find it interesting.