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Class of 2023
Business in the Liberal Arts
Jack Saltus '23 is an Economics and Business double major from Westport, Connecticut. He is interested in investment and portfolio management, which he developed through various internships including his work during the summer of 2022 at Bespoke Investment Group. He hopes that the research conducted and the skills learned with...
Summer 2022

As a summer intern with Bespoke Investment Group, Jack Saltus completed several projects relating to market research/analysis and investments. Most notably, he was tasked with picking potential long-term investments from a list of more than 400 companies in the S&P 1500 index that had lost at least 30 percent of their market cap values from their 52-week highs. He was also responsible for daily updates of Bespoke research, as well as providing assistance to analysts on projects and posts sent out to subscribers. Through the diversity of research related to the economic world, he was able to immensely improve upon skills in Excel and Bloomberg. Working with a small firm, Jack was able to form connections with well-known figures like Justin Walters and Paul Hickey, who often appear on CNBC and Fox Business, and are cited regularly by the community.