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Class of 2024
Global Studies
Public Health
I am a rising junior at St Lawrence University majoring in global studies with a topical focus in environmental studies or peace studies and a geographical focus on southeast Asia. I’m pursuing minors in public health and sociology, as I hope to do social justice and non-profit work in grassroots...
Summer 2022

I am incredibly grateful that this past summer I was working with Kamberlee Allison as my mentor at the Henry Forks Foundation. I conducted a comprehensive review of the internship program at HFF, reviewing and producing an analysis of the internship program's outcomes for my independent project. I gained skills and knowledge around research, outreach, and networking through my IP which will not only help me work in non-profits in the future but one day hopefully run my own! On campus, I am involved in Advocates, Planned Parenthood Generation Action, and the Title Nine Coalition. I am currently the diversity chair of Campus Kitchens, and I am doing research with a professor on GMOs and hidden violence in agriculture that impact the environment and indigenous communities. I am also working to continue the publication of the school’s first BIPOC-focused Magazine, UBUNTU. My free time is often spent working on creative projects such as painting, jewelry making, or upcycling old clothing, as well as scouting out the nearest furry friend, as a springer spaniel owner myself and a pet enthusiast. I am a passionate animal person and having grown up in the woods of NH I love adventuring. While at the foundation I got to spend my weekends fishing, floating, hiking, camping, biking, and rock climbing in one of the most beautiful and unique areas in the country! I am looking forward to this semester as I will be presenting my research at the AAA conference in Seattle come November, before heading off to Thailand in the spring semester!

Highlights of my project at the science-based collaborative non-profit this summer include interviewing past interns. It was really enjoyable to discuss their experience by having the privilege of hearing the stories that made their summer on the Henrys Fork the best summer memories they have. I loved hearing about how interns have gotten to where they are and how the foundation helped them get to their goals and learn lessons that have been valuable across their multi-disciplinary career paths. It’s been inspiring to learn how impactful the very experience I got to have has been to so many others and I love that what I was doing will help future interns have an even more valuable and impactful internship at the foundation. I created the first database of interns to spend their summers at the foundation and worked to find ways the program could improve. I interviewed over 15 former interns and had over 45 responses to my comprehensive review survey and hopefully, my project was just the beginning of a longer-term investment into the connections formed over the years. I also managed the intern's blog posts and contributed my own, as well as supporting event planning and fundraising organization with my mentor.