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Cannabis Culture NYC

Class of 2023
Public Health
Hey, I am a recent graduate at St. Lawrence University where I acquired a Bachelor of the Arts in Anthropology degree. A multimedia journalist with an interest in travel reporting.
Summer 2022

For my experience, I chose to intern at a Cannabis brand centered around women empowerment. As an aspiring writer and journalist it was important for me to find a company where I felt I could relate to their mission. SMK BRK is a company that curates blog posts, playlists, and lets people share their own personal experience with the plant. The company prides itself on education and outreach. 

For this internship I had a couple of goals that I wanted to achieve including: 

  • To become familiar with using multiple editorial platforms 
  • To network and build connections within the journalism field
  • Learn the ins and outs of operating a successful online media platform

To achieve my first goal, my supervisor introduced me to websites such as WordPress, Instagram, and Twitter. 

To achieve my second goal, I was invited to events this summer where I got to meet content creators, bloggers, and other successful women in the industry. Having conversations with these powerful women encouraged me to approach my career subjectively. 

To achieve my last goal, I was given task such as posting daily and scheduling posts. This was a challenge for me because it was my first time and I couldn't keep up at first. To operate a successful online media platform you have to be able to receive criticism and feedback. 

The internship at SMK BRK had really reinforced what I already knew about my career. Doing this internship has made me believe in myself as a writer. Having the freedom to share peoples stories and experiences made me happy. I realized that I want to write for a magazine one day! 

Skills I developed: 

  • Editorial writing 
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Networking 
  • Editorial Research