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Class of 2023
Educational Studies
Performance and Communication Arts
Charlotte Powell ‘23 is a Psychology major and an Educational Studies and Performance and Communication Arts minor. Her passion for psychology, education and children led her to work as a teaching fellow at Breakthrough Collaborative in Manchester, New Hampshire during the summer of 2022. Breakthrough’s mission is to “work with...
Summer 2022

Going into this summer experience I had three learning goals for working as a teaching fellow. The first was to improve my leadership skills through further developing my public speaking and listening skills as well as becoming more adaptable and flexible. The second was to develop my communication skills by improving my ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively.  The third goal was to further my professional skills by leading my own classroom and being mentored by those already working in schools.  To this end, I received a lot of useful feedback and learned much more about what a career path in education could look like. Working at Breakthrough allowed me to develop in all three areas listed above, and the experience exceeded my expectations as so many of the lessons I learned are applicable to my life and future opportunities.