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Class of 2022
Computer Science
Eduardo Puerta, ’22, is an undergraduate student from Venezuela and Costa Rica majoring in Mathematics and with a Minor in Computer Science. He is interested in industrial engineering and seeks to pursue the 3+2 Engineering Combined program. His work as an Admissions Ambassador and a Community Assistant on campus have...



The Admissions Office at St. Lawrence University reaches out to students through email campaigns throughout their application process for reminder, yields and general communication. Understanding the effectiveness of an email campaign and its reach allows outreach teams within the office to develop content more tailored to the needs of the recipients. The project consists in creating a data visualization web application that takes data from the Admissions and Financial Aid Customer Report Management System to create graphical representations of campaign metrics. The application was designed to incorporate modularity of classes and statistical methods to calculate success metrics for campaigns. The development process involved evaluating and comparing different program architectures to design the program for scalability and extensibility