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When Dutch still life paintings meet Chinese traditional flower and birds paintings
Class of 2021
Art and Art History
Yidi Zhang is the Class of 2021, majored in Art & Art History, specifically focused on Painting and Printmaking. She come from Taiyuan, Shanxi, China. As a Chinese, she likes to tap the elements of traditional Chinese culture as her creating inspirations. After graduation, she plans to have a short...

This project is a study of still life painting which combined Dutch still life painting style with traditional Chinese fine brushwork paintings. Due to the Coronavirus, I did research and composition design from late May, but started to actually paint until Early August. Since I believe quality is much more important than the quantity, I created only one but highly detailed painting at last. For the subject and composition, I specially focused on the bottle flowers (the western-style floral compositions) with traditional Chinese wooden window frame. The flower bottle is the representative Blue and White porcelain bottle, while the flowers are the China’s national flower — peony. The idea of this work is to show the beauty and fragility of life through flowers.