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Class of 2023
European Studies
Isaiah Albright (he/him/his), born and raised in North Adams, Massachusetts, is a recent grad from the Class of 2023 at St. Lawrence University with a major in Government and a minor in European Studies. His previous student fellowship research utilized a multidimensional approach to understanding the relationship between government development...

How does the politicization of ethnicity impact government minority development efforts in East and Southeast Asia? 

This project lays the groundwork for conducting an analysis of the above research question by building out a viable methodology using both quantitative and qualitative analysis. A categorization schema was developed to characterize separate government development efforts as assimilationist, pluralist, or suppressionist. Then, criteria were laid out to measure the success of development efforts, using select economic, educational, and family planning metrics. Finally, country cases and more specifically, minority groups found to be most demographically similar in Asia were selected for comparison. 

The completed methodology was then tried utilizing the criteria for economic analysis and necessary adjustments were made for accuracy.