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Behind a Science Fiction Revolutionary Novel
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Class of 2021

Ramon Veras ('21) is a student at St. Lawrence University. He is a creative writing major and his other scholarly interests lie in history, philosophy, government, and much more. Along with these interests, he is now applying to MFA programs throughout the world; in these programs he seeks looking to improve his use of language, improve his ear for stories and how to tell them, and meet many writers from diverse backgrounds. In high school, Ramon completed a novel and in doing so, he fell in love with writing.



Sponsoring Department:

Throughout the summer of 2020, I spent the majority of my time crafting my novel, Generation Beta. I read and researched an array of different topics from history, the craft of writing, all the way to the psychology of the human brain. I worked with my mentor, Professor J. Michael Martinez, who is also a published poet and has written many non-fiction pieces. He managed the vast amount of research and help connect all of it by directing where to go next. While during this research, I plotted and wrote away, applying the things I was learning every day. These scenes were submitted to my mentor every week, and over the course of eight weeks, a good amount of writing was produced with a substantial amount of research that went into it. In this paper, I hope to present the inner workings of this science fiction revolutionary novel and everything that I have done to build a foundation for the novel.